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Painting is a sure-shot way to give warehouse an instant facelift. It hides flaws and revives dirty walls and changes the look of the entire area. 

The cost may differ significantly based on the location; in a high-income area, the painters will inevitably charge you more. And of course, the cost of the materials plays a huge part in the price.

The pricing may also depend on other factors:


  1. Size
  2. Complexity
  3. Prep work

We strive to be among the best Commercial painters to support all forms of business. Let us be your partners in deciding what commercial construction needs will work best for you.

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4 Tips for smooth warehouse Painting in orlando

#1. Choose the best Orlando warehouse painting professionals

You have invested huge amounts of time, resources, and energy into your warehouse. Don’t leave something as important as commercial painting in the hands of unqualified contractors. When you expect stunning and long-lasting results, choose professional painters with the knowhow, experience, and products to get the job done right. 

#2. Inform your employees

Painting professionals will do all that they can to minimize disruptions. But if the project is going to interfere with production in any way, inform your staff in advance. That way, they will have the chance to complete or reschedule certain tasks. 

#3 Do repairs in advance 

Sanding, cleaning, scraping—your commercial painting pros are going to do a thorough job at prepping surfaces. But some repairs might have to be done in advance. If there are structural damages, rotting drywall, or major mold issues, you might need to address those issues prior to warehouse painting.

#4. Get your exterior ready 

Taking some time to prep the exterior of your warehouse will help ensure a speedy and successful paint job. Clear away any debris and trim back shrubs and foliage close to the building. Also, inspect exterior electrical power outlets to make sure they are working properly for the painters. 

We have the best practice in the painting industry to not just leave our clients with a mess to clean up when we have finished warehouses painting service. Our trained painters make sure that your commercial property is left in a clean and proper state. Before we say that a project is finished, one of our painter or project managers will do a final walk-through with the owner of the property to make sure our work met or exceeded expectations.

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