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If you’re looking for quality condo painters or Apartment Painting Services as well as mixed properties and HOA’s, call orlando painting company—our local orlando crews are ready to serve your needs. From single-unit turnovers to multi-building refurbishment we can surely help.

Painting is a sure-shot way to give apartment an instant facelift. It hides flaws and revives dirty walls and changes the look of the entire area. 

The cost may differ significantly based on the location; in a high-income area, the painters will inevitably charge you more. And of course, the cost of the materials plays a huge part in the price.

The pricing may also depend on other factors:

  1. Size
  2. Complexity
  3. Prep work

A 2 bedroom apartment takes 3-4 days to paint with a team of 2-3 people. The time taken to paint a room depends on the following:

Prep Work – Interior painting starts with appropriate prep work, including covering or moving furniture, laying drop cloths, tape off certain areas, etc., which takes 30-60 minutes.

 Size of the Room – The size more or less determines how quickly the work is done. An average room measures 432 sq ft, and it takes approximately 4-6 hours from prep work to clean up.

 Painting Technique – Even though spraying is the fastest method, a combination of brush and roller is used for interior painting.

 Number of Coats – The standard number of coats is two coats unless it is a darker color. It takes 45 minutes to apply the first coat and less than 30 minutes to apply the second coat.

 Final Touches – The cleaning up and the touching up work will take another hour.

Remember, the cost to paint an apartment largely depends on the region and even on the zip code to an extent. So, ensure that you get estimates from multiple interior painters and choose the one who works the best on your budget.

No matter whether you need whole house painting service in orlando or just a single room, we have the right painters in orlando to ensure the job is done right. All of our painting services come complete with crack filling, putty and everything else that’s needed to provide new paint that you’ll love.

Our technical painting ability is where we shine, but our house painting services florida customers have also come to appreciate the other things we do that make a difference. From completely protecting your furniture before starting to make sure that there’s not a single drop of paint on the floor when we leave, orlando Painting Company is committed to delivering the kind of service that we would want for ourselves.

We have the best practice in the painting industry to not just leave our clients with a mess to clean up when we have finished home painting service. Our trained painters make sure that your commercial property is left in a clean and proper state. Before we say that a project is finished, one of our painter or project managers will do a final walk-through with the owner of the home to make sure our work met or exceeded expectations.

our local business specializes in apartment painting service orlando and villa painting orlando. We do complete Interior Wall and Ceiling painting for house and villa. We also undertake Villa Exterior Painting services in orlando. We usually work with our clients to select the type of paints and texture that are appropriate for the needs of their house and villa.

When we start apartment painting service orlando job, we do not jump to another project in the middle of it, just to satisfy another customer. Your house painting service project will receive the attention, care and professional workmanship it deserves. We will stay with your project continuously from start to finish.

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